Bergville Outreach

Four staff from our Bethesda team embarked on the 15-hour car ride, which 

took us to the small farming community of Bergville. It’s situated in the 

Drakensberg Mountain range in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. 

We had the opportunity to partner with a ministry there called Open 

Heaven. The leaders of this ministry were an amazing couple who wanted 

nothing more than to serve our team in any way they could. They even 

opened their beautiful farmhouse for us to stay with them while we were 

working with them. This may not seem to be that big of a deal, but I left out 

the part where the couple was expecting a baby, and she was due within 

weeks!  Talk about a servant heart! It was a lovely exchange that I 

witnessed. The more we tried to serve and bless them, the more they 

wanted to serve and bless us. It made for a wonderful ten days.     

In the days spent in prayer prior to leaving on the outreach, we felt 

the Lord say we would be seeing many healings. The Lord definitely came 

through on that! One day we did street evangelism and healing ministry, 

looking for anyone needing the healing touch of God. To my surprise, it 

seemed like almost everyone in this community needed healing in one way 

or another. We saw everything from sight restored to leg pain and constant 

headaches relieved. We went out with the mentality that we were not called 

to pray for the sick, but we were called to heal the sick, and that is exactly 

what happened! There was not a single person that morning who was not 

healed when we prayed for God to come and touch them. We saw about 20 

healings that day! 

We also had the opportunity to talk in two schools and give 

testimonies about the ways we saw Jesus moving in our lives. It was 

amazing to see the openness of the schools and the receptiveness of the 

children we spoke to.  

Our team was able to bless and encourage a fellow YWAM base in the 

Drakensberg Mountains. Never in my life have I seen a couple who whole 

heartily trust in the faithfulness of their Father. It was incredible to hear 

their story as they’ve been walking in missions for over 20 years. It was 

such a blessing to go and stand in prayer with them.  

My favorite testimony, however, took place at a hospital we had an 

opportunity to minister in! 

During the hospital outreach, I found myself in the women’s ward with 

a few other people. The pastor with our group shared about the healing 

power of Jesus and what he has done for us. After the word, we went around 

from woman to woman and prayed for healing and relief of pain. One 

woman stood out to me though. She looked no more than 25 years old, and 

she lay on the bed in such pain. Her one leg stuck out of the blanket and 

appeared to be very swollen. We asked her what was wrong, and she told us 

that her leg was in a lot of pain. We asked if we could pray for healing, and 

she was very much willing to receive. I went to lay my hand on her leg, and 

before I even touched her, she was cringing out of the thought of the pain 

that was about to come. I then realized that she couldn’t even touch her leg 

without incredible pain. I hovered my hand just above her leg, and I could 

feel heat radiating from it. We prayed for healing and then asked her how it 

felt. As she started to touch her leg, she told us it was better, but there was 

still pain behind her knee. As we began to pray again, I felt something in her 

leg shift, and I spoke out loud, “It’s gone!”  I looked at the women, and we 

could just see the joy that came back into her eyes. She just looked down at 

her leg and kept touching it over and over again. We could see the shock on 

her face that the pain was gone. As we moved on to pray for the other 

women, I kept looking back at her. She was all smiles as she looked around 

the room. The excitement and joy in this woman’s eyes gave more 

testimony to the healing power of Jesus than our words could ever do!

By Cassie Gilpin