Karoo Outreach

A Story from the Karoo by Gaylin Downie

Alfred is 73 years old. He has been married to his wife Sarah Magdalena for 49 years! They have both lived in Klaarstroom, a tiny little karoo community their whole lives, and in their current home since 1972! Alfred invited us to pray for Sarah who was suffering all night with a lung condition and diabetes. We sat with them in their little home and Sarah's pain subsided as we prayed for her. Then we sat and listened to their beautiful story for over an hour! We also met their nephew who was visiting at the time. He had seen us the day before and was hiding from us because he could see God was with us and he was afraid. His legs were paralysed and he had not walked properly in 11 years. Our friends prayed for him and shared the simple heart melting love of God with him. Immediately warmth filled his legs and all the numbness dissappeared! He moved his legs up and down, laughing and saying "I couldn't do this, I couldn't do this!

What a precious joyful moment in time.

About 2 weeks ago, some of the Bethesda team had the opportunity to go on a five-day outreach to an area in the Karoo called Prince Albert. We were working in a small community just outside of the town called Klaarstroom. There were five of us, and we stayed on a friend's beautiful farm. It was an amazing time, and I don't think any of us wanted to get in the car our last morning to come back to Muizenberg. We did many different things from painting the community entry gate and playing with kids to washing the feet of intercessors and going on house visits to pray with people in their homes. We also had a youth day at the farm for teenagers from the area and led morning devotionals for the workers on the farm. 

Many miracles happened. One man rededicated his life to God while stopping to talk to us as we painted the wall. Jason and Ruan prayed for a man who was basically paralized for 11 years and could only move around a little with a cane. He got feeling again in his legs and was overjoyed with what God did. One man's eyes got healed after he welded without goggles, and another ladies back was healed. These are only a few stories; there were many more and we spent so much time rejoicing in what God had done!


We hope you enjoyed the pictures of this beautiful place and it's beautiful people.