A Glimpse at Bethesda House’s Training Seminars

Since February, many Saturday mornings at Bethesda House have begun with varied emotions ranging from tired bodies – with the needed cup ‘o’ joe in hand – to excitement and a bit of apprehension thrown in for new participants and facilitators alike. But God led these people here to our new seminars. Maybe it was by their own desires or by a recommendation from friend, organization, or church. At least I, as one of the facilitators, was expectant for what God would do. Actually, it was more than that; God was building in me so much joy for what He wanted to share with them!

Let me rewind a bit. Bethesda House ran longer seminars for missionaries from 2011 to 2014 (Leading by the Spirit Course, called LBSC), but God led us to break up the LBSC into smaller portions to be accessible for the greater, local Body of Christ. This also serves to train Bethesda’s incoming staff more often throughout the year and is offered to local missionaries and ministry workers.

During each seminar, people learn and grow in a teaching setting (with handy workbooks designed for each course to take notes in and for further studying), and then they apply what they learn practically in the workshop portion of the seminar. Faith grows and is imparted in the participants. Seminar content is new for some, but sometimes it is a refresher or just encouraging for someone who has been ministering and journeying for a while. At other times, participants have shared that the seminars are affirming what God has been teaching and leading them through in their personal journey with God.

Seminar participants have included a variety of people from our own staff to those formerly homeless, both new and long-time missionaries (from Youth With A Mission/YWAM), believers from local churches, non-profit workers, those who work with women’s dignity, and Bible and missionary students to name a few.

I so love seeing how people are strengthened and encouraged as they spend time getting knowing their Father God better and what He desires to do in them and through them so that they, in turn, can be Lights shining in their churches and communities! One such person is David, who was recently homeless. We met him through our open community evenings called Awake, and he recommitted his life to Jesus. After attending one seminar, David shared that he loved it and would come to anything we do. The content was way better than what he received in Bible school. It was Spirit-filled and not just knowledge; he was soaking it in.

Listen to David’s testimony to hear more:

As Bethesda House steps into the call that God has given, one of our main mission's being to equip believers, I believe that the Lord is so excited for people to encounter God and to be empowered in their life journeys.

So far, we have run ten seminars, including three different Prophecy Seminars (What is Prophecy, Prophecy and the Church, and Prophecy and Evangelism, which includes an evangelistic outreach), Dream Interpretation Seminar, and Spirit-Led Living Seminar. We hope to offer these again and to expand with new seminars in the future, but because Bethesda House recently had to move and has yet to relocate, they are on hold. If you are interested in our future seminars, please contact us here http://www.bethesdahouse.org/contact-us/, and check out our Facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/bethesdahouse.muiz/. If you are a church leader and interested, please contact us about hosting a seminar at your church.