I have been struggling for such a long time with drivenness and living under heavy obligation, always feeling I need to do more. The unfortunate thing is that it kept me away from being able to relax and robbed me from being at rest with myself and with God. In my sessions, Jesus came and touched me and gave me a clear picture of sitting in the sun with Him and that even if I stayed in that position and did nothing for the rest of my life, His love towards me would never change. I feel so much lighter now and I am learning to rest in His presence without having to push towards the next thing. I can only thank the team for standing with me during that time and allowing God to flow through them.
— Esther

Many people live life carrying deep emotional pain from difficult experiences, trauma, and disappointments.  This pain holds us back from being happy and satisfied with life, and can cause us to make unhealthy choices which cause further pain.  Life's hurts can affect our identity and person in ways that rob us of full joy.  At Bethesda House, we believe that Jesus did not come to help people manage pain and disfunction, but to heal us and set us completely free.  We are here to help you find that healing and peace through Jesus.  

An inner healing appointment is a confidential time of prayer and ministry where we invite Jesus to minister into these areas of pain.  When Jesus personally and intimately communicates His truth and love to the very core of who we are, it sets us free from feeling such as shame, fear, worthlessness, and more.

Bethesda staff will gently walk with you step by step and facilitate at your pace what you are ready to receive.