I have experienced such deep restoration through the Bethesda ministry. I had such deep grief regarding the loss of my father. They listened, they provided a safe place. I was dealing with so many emotions and they were able to make me feel safe. I could trust them. They really connected me to the Heart of the Father, and I saw that He was there all along. I really look back and treasure those moments of healing with a smile.
— R.V.

Inner healing is confidential prayer and ministry where we invite Jesus to minister into these areas of pain.  When Jesus personally and intimately communicates His truth and love to the very core of who we are, it sets us free from feeling such as shame, fear, worthlessness, and more.

All ministry is FREE of charge.  Bethesda staff will gently walk with you step by step and facilitate at your pace what you are ready to receive.

Our primary format of inner healing ministry is via Restoration Ministry Packages.  Restoration Ministry is intensive ministry for those that carry deep pain from unmet needs and/or trauma in the various developmental phases. We currently offer 4 packages throughout each year.  Each runs over a 4 week period and includes teaching, general discussion, home assignments, extensive personal processing and intensive individual ministry.

0-5 years
Addressing conception and womb, father and mother wounds, unmet needs and trauma up to 5 years.

6-12 years
Addressing pain associated with peers, siblings and authority figures, unmet needs and trauma from this period.

Puberty into adulthood (12-17 years)
Addressing identity wounds and confusion, pain associated with rejection, body shame, peers and authority figures as well as unmet needs and trauma during adolescence.

18 +years
Addresses finding your place in society as an adult, identity, phases of life, crisis, divorce, loss and trauma wounds.

Watch this space for dates our next Restoration Ministry packages in 2019.

We also offer occasional private appointments for individuals ministering into areas/ wounds outside of our restoration seminar focusses.