There was a safe environment at Bethesda House, and the staff facilitating were very loving and encouraging. God did so much more than just counselling. I was able to get breakthrough in things that I’ve been talking about for over 12 years, in just four sessions! And every time I think about it, God shows me more of what He did in my life.
— Young woman set free from eating disorder

There are many people that struggle with areas of spiritual heaviness, sickness, and oppression.  Sometimes this can be inherited from family and ancestors, come through a traumatic experience, from choices or involvement with spiritual sources other than Jesus, or from curses sent against you.

If you are experiencing nightmares, negative visitations, or torment, you don't have to live this way.  Negative patterns in your family or ancestors, sickness, oppression, and curses can be easily broken.  This is the very reason Jesus came; to set every person free!

We start freedom sessions with an interview to help determine spiritual access points (when and where things began) and direction for the session.  Then we pray and release the healing and freedom of Jesus.

Our staff team are very loving and experienced and will make it a safe place, taking you step by step, and praying for you while you take back authority of your life through Christ.  Freedom sessions are kept strictly confidential.

**Please note that due to other current ministry demands, we are not able to book freedom sessions until 2019.