Life Changing Encounters

“This was just what I needed.”- Prophetic session recipient

“It was SO worth stopping for.”- Light & Life attendee

“I felt the weights lift off of my shoulders.”- Recipient of prayer

“During a time of prophecy, one of the Bethesda staff felt spoke healing over my body and prayed for realignment and healing. Since that day I have been healed and pain free!”- Seminar Participant

''I have hope now. I feel different. I feel happy!”- Light & Life attendee

''I needed that guidance!' Everything was spot on!”'- Prophetic session recipient

“Since I met the staff of Bethesda, my life has changed.  I don’t have family here, but I have found a home in relationship with them and peace.  I know whenever I see them I receive words of encouragement, peace and blessings and a reminder of who I am.”- Regular attender of encounter evenings

“I had never heard of Jesus before, only Buddhism, but I could tell by the conversations and looking at you guys that Christians are very kind and loving.”- Man from China at a Light&Life event

''I don't ever come this way, but for some reason I did and God answered the exact prayer I prayed last night!'- Light & Life attendee

''I woke up this morning and I knew I needed a connection with God, but it was Saturday and there was nowhere for me to go. This was an answer to my cry to connect with God!''- Someone that stopped at a Light & Life event

Restorative Ministry

“My deepest moment was when I realized that I believed the lie that, (due to most people, even professionals, speaking death over me and pressing for it), that is what I was not worth living. But Father God was the one eagerly awaiting my birth, the One holding me in His arms and loving me even before I was born. I've chosen to face the truth of what happened and how it was perceived by others and allow God to love me in those dry areas. I have chosen to recognize the lies born from the pain and to expose and deny them as deception, not to give them energy anymore. I recognized that I was sitting at the table of slaves all my life and I left it, knowing that is not who I am, I never was, but I took on that label and lived by it. Father God said. “ I have a place for you, right next to Me, at the table of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.” And that is who I am and that is where I receive all I need as the daughter of the King.”- Restoration Ministry Participant (0-5 years)

'"I have been listening over and over, to the words of identity that were spoken by the many staff members.  It is very encouraging and I now have such peace. All this time I had been struggling to be something I am not. It seems simple, but to me, the affirmation that it is okay to be me has been life-changing! I have been able to accept more of who I am and have learnt more of who I am too.”- Recent seminar participant

“I used to suffer from a lot of anxiety.  It gradually just became a part of my life and I accepted it as part of who I was and as something that I would always have to just learn to manage.  There were moments in my life that became too overwhelming for me and I would snap.  I would be having several panic attacks a week and no one knew what to do with me.  I learned to manage that eventually.  Then I got mugged.  I wasn't hurt, but suddenly nothing in my life was safe anymore.  Everywhere I went I would always be checking over my shoulder.  To me, every person was a potential threat.  Every person made me nervous and I would panic if somebody unexpectedly brushed past me in the street.  Someone once gave me a fright for fun and I had a full-blown panic attack - not what they were expecting!  I started to develop all sorts of little coping mechanisms just to get me through my day.  For example, no matter where I went, to eat in the dining room with a bunch of people or walking to work, I made sure I always had something in my hand.  Something I could fiddle with - keys, hairclips, my jewellery.

On ministry day, I was being prayed for and someone started praying against a spirit of hypervigilance.  Jesus freed me in that moment.  I began thinking about the term "hypervigilance" after that and it was only once I was free that it dawned on me how high-functioning and abnormal my levels of anxiety were.  And they were no longer a part of me!  How amazing is the Father - that He knew what was hurting me and could point it out right away and say No More.  In the beginning I didn't quite know what to do with this freedom.  I was living every day almost waiting for the anxiety to start and there was none!  In faith, I now consciously make the decision not to keep my hands busy like I did before.  I even removed a favourite piece of jewellery I used to wear, for the sole purpose of it being a way to cope.

Jesus heals.  He is safe.  I never thought I'd experience such a freedom.  Such a lightness of spirit.  Life is just that much more beautiful and so is the extravagant love of Jesus.”- Restoration Ministry Participant (6-12 years)

“It was like the best spa day you could have gone to, soaking in the tangible presence of God. We were restored, renewed, rejuvenated from the inside out. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The prophecies were uplifting and encouraging.”- Recipient of identity ministry

Transformational Equipping

“My testimony starts with the day I had a prophetic session about 4 years ago at Bethesda in Muizenberg. The staff spoke truth into my life, prayed for me and since then my life has taken a total different turn. I have become a totally different person, I felt completely lighter, and I don't know how to explain it. I went online and registered for the seminars. Each one of these seminars was an eye opener, and I have learnt so much from them. Personally I feel that I have become a better person.  Not only that, but since I have attended these seminars, my life has changed and God has blessed me in miraculous ways. I have come to know and learn of Christ's love and who He says I am.”

“I felt like I was in a cauldron with a closed heavy lid but at the seminar it felt like the lid was lifted off, revealing this pot full of gold inside of me that is beautiful and shining. I am so excited to dive deeper into these things and to reveal this gold and the gifts inside me to the rest of the world!”- Training seminar Participant

“The day I spent with your team was life-giving to so many aspects of my life.  The heart behind the (seminar) was evident from my first step into the house, with a warm and genuine greeting which made me feel right at home. I learned a lot about what identity is and also about God’s heart for us to embrace our identity in Christ. The entire day led up to those final moments of prophecy which had drawn me into a place of resting in His goodness and prepared my heart to receive what He had to say to me. I found the time of prophetic ministry extremely helpful and encouraging.  Each each word of prophetic ministry was shared in a gentle way and I was deeply moved and encouraged by the things which God confirmed for me and in me by repeating certain themes which he communicated through His individuals who could not possibly have known what each other were saying. The seminar has left me feeling honored, and cherished by God. Since that wonderful day in His presence, I have experienced a profound increase in hope and confidence in the Lord to lead me. I have been encouraged to love others with the gifts God has given me and I am so excited for the rest of my life walking with Him in this beautiful Kingdom. Thank you for the authentic, Spirit-filled, and Jesus-centered ministry.”- Identity Seminar participant

“There was so much more; I could never have expected this.” -a man who stopped by for the first time because he heard there was free tea and coffee

“I feel the love of God in this place. I’ve never felt like I do when I’m in this place. I can feel life and hope. My [former] faith does not give this to me.” -a religious man who received words of knowledge from one of the staff

A believer has been so impacted by God from her visit to Awake that she is now having encounters with God, going to church, and praying for people’s healing. God is moving!

A Bethesda House staff felt to copy an action of Jesus from what He did in the Bible while praying for a partially deaf man, and he was healed!

A year ago, a man’s leg broke and grew back crooked. A few weeks ago, our staff prayed for the lump to go away. The bone to go back to normal, and it realigned!

“I don’t know what I would do if Bethesda House closed down. It is like a sanctuary to me.” -regular attendee

“I see light and not darkness when I close my eyes now. I felt something good go in and the bad go out” -a man who invited Jesus into his life

“Something is happening; something has changed!” -a man receiving freedom from his struggle from addiction

“I see a tunnel of light and Jesus standing with His arms wide, inviting me closer. I can feel His hand on my head, like He is a parent and I am a child.” -a man experiencing the Father's love

“This is just what I needed, to be refreshed and feel the presence of God.” -a surfer

“I feel free!  I feel calm and peaceful.  Something is falling off my shoulders. It makes it easier to follow Jesus.” -a man listening to the live music at Awake

“I’ve never felt so energized.” -a spiritual seeker who gave her life to the Lord

“The presence of God is so thick, I just want to sit here for hours and hours.” -woman visiting from out of town

“Since the day I was prayed for 3 years ago I have been completely delivered from my drug addiction and I am still clean to this day.” -regular attendee

“I feel His light all around and inside me” -visitor at Awake

“All heaviness and running away from God is gone in my life.” -young woman visiting

“Valentine’s Day came early for me” -a man as he read our handout "The Father's Love Letter"