“There was so much more; I could never have expected this.” -a man who stopped by for the first time because he heard there was free tea and coffee

“I feel the love of God in this place. I’ve never felt like I do when I’m in this place. I can feel life and hope. My [former] faith does not give this to me.” -a religious man who received words of knowledge from one of the staff

A believer has been so impacted by God from her visit to Awake that she is now having encounters with God, going to church, and praying for people’s healing. God is moving!

A Bethesda House staff felt to copy an action of Jesus from what He did in the Bible while praying for a partially deaf man, and he was healed!

A year ago, a man’s leg broke and grew back crooked. A few weeks ago, our staff prayed for the lump to go away. The bone to go back to normal, and it realigned!

“I don’t know what I would do if Bethesda House closed down. It is like a sanctuary to me.” -regular attendee

“I see light and not darkness when I close my eyes now. I felt something good go in and the bad go out” -a man who invited Jesus into his life

“Something is happening; something has changed!” -a man receiving freedom from his struggle from addiction

“I see a tunnel of light and Jesus standing with His arms wide, inviting me closer. I can feel His hand on my head, like He is a parent and I am a child.” -a man experiencing the Father's love

“This is just what I needed, to be refreshed and feel the presence of God.” -a surfer

“I feel free!  I feel calm and peaceful.  Something is falling off my shoulders. It makes it easier to follow Jesus.” -a man listening to the live music at Awake

“I’ve never felt so energized.” -a spiritual seeker who gave her life to the Lord

“The presence of God is so thick, I just want to sit here for hours and hours.” -woman visiting from out of town

“Since the day I was prayed for 3 years ago I have been completely delivered from my drug addiction and I am still clean to this day.” -regular attendee

“I feel His light all around and inside me” -visitor at Awake

“All heaviness and running away from God is gone in my life.” -young woman visiting

“Valentine’s Day came early for me” -a man as he read our handout "The Father's Love Letter"