Understanding of the Time and Season

Notes from prophetic intercession on 16 April 2020

Bethesda House 27 October 2020
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We are at the beginning of the reformation of God. May the Church come to agreement, realization,  and acceptance that we are alive during this time. God is shifting things, but not abandoning us. 

The Refinement of God's global Church 

Speak peace, stillness, rootedness, and cleansing into the body of Christ. 

Cleanse God's Name and His people. Set a new reputation. A re-presentation of who God is. Hear His voice! Take our eyes off what demands our attention and back to Him (1 Kings 19:11- 12) 

Understand His ways! Breaking through a famine of understanding in the Church, knowing the  what and why on His heart, deeper than just following His voice. A new wonder of discovery. Joy!! Birthing of new beauty and new life. Dancing and celebration. A fullness of joy! Holy Spirit is birthing a new depth and explosion of kindness, a new way of being salt and light  that is very flavourful to the world. 

“I would rather stub my toe and learn from it than the problem be snapped away and be left  wisdom-less.” To take the pain away would be asking to steal away the change for the better. This is the most fruitful path that God has for us. Be calm and don't fight it, because God is  with you. 

If we say I will fight into this and grow into this new thing I was created to be, we will fight our  way into freedom and new life. 

Unity of the Body 

Breaking down barriers between local and global church. We are all the body of Christ. Pooling of resources to go further and deeper than ever before. Collective empowerment. No longer about working hard, it is about working right to see the expansion of the Kingdom Stripping of independence. Greater dependence on each other as a team and family.  All of us doing all the work. We will not get tired because we are pulling together. Season of  relief and release. 

Training Up as an Army 

Strengthening and focusing of God's people 

Pick up the right tools and weapons, not spending our energy on what is not on God's heart  (news reports, social media feeds, etc). 

“Do not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy. Do not fear what they  fear and do not dread it. The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy. He is the one  you are to fear...” Isaiah 8:12-13 

Calling out of Gideons, valient and mighty, out of their hiding places.. Falling away of false  identities. 

Establishing an inner compass in every believer that points to Jesus. Courage to obey even if it 

looks different to others. 

Breaking away of fear! Areas where we are so used to fear we are numb to it, Holy Spirit will  awaken us and set His love, power, and sound mind in our hearts. 

Don't just “hold ground” in your homes. Go on the offensive with joy and worship and  vulnerability. 

Accelerated growth in competence and security and new expressions of God's Church 

Worshippers in the Front 

God wants to bring order and it starts with worshippers putting things in place with order,  growth, and strength  

No longer about entertainment or fame, but spirit-led. A cleansing of worship. Increased volume in the spiritual realm. 

Unlocking of the new; new songs and new worshippers 

A freedom to sing our own songs anywhere we are, releasing the Holy Spirit around us. 

Changes to the structure and leadership of the Church 

Shine light in hidden places to followers not yet known, turning down the light on big names Celebrate to be a “one-hit wonder” as it makes room for so many other voices, it is glorious to  God 

End of the church-era, beginning of the Kingdom era 

Expelling of the Tobias spirit, those taking roles that are not theirs to take. Re-positioning of  leaders and people. 

People falling off pedestals, shocked at first, but then relieved as the ungodly pressure of man  fades away. 

Stripping away where man has taken the glory instead of God. 

No more copy-cat anointings, but release fresh and new anointings, innovation, creativity,  diversity, unique fragrances and first-hand revelation. 

Release angels to chase people away from over-crowded watering holes. Call forth well  diggers in every area to break forth springs. Digging with prayer, wisdom, and seeking God's  heart 

Structures will crumble that are no longer needed. 

Passing on of leadership  

An honoring of what went before and embracing of the new 

Passing through generations, bridging gaps between young and old, inclusive and exclusive. Redemption of the old being merged with the new, no wrestle of power 


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