Provision and Resources

Notes from prophetic intercession on 30 April 2020

Bethesda House 27 October 2020
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We decree the release of strategies, miracles, and wisdom in the area of provision and resources for  believers and those that turn to the Lord. 

Hearing God in the midst of economic upheaval 

Hearts will remember that God is in control! Look to Him! 

Old wells of provision are drying up, time to dig new wells 

Many believers positioned into new places of economic authority 

Fear and panic will not paralyze people 

Release of strategy and vision from God 

Breaking of unhealthy financial ties & false dependence on people, finances, etc Eyes opening to unstable foundations, not to cry out in helplessness but in hope in Christ alone 

New Understanding of Provision 

Returning us into the classroom with God, re-learning what He defines as provision, prosperity,  and economics 

Breaking open parameters on what we think are resources and removing limitations Opening supernatural, miraculous, and unexpected options 

Release of Joseph's and Daniel's to see ahead and understanding what to plan, confirmed by  prophetic voices around them  

Return to the Heart of Ministry 

Falling away of finances will increase the saltiness of the Church  

Opening free ministry across cultural and economic brackets (love, hope, help, sharing, energy,  time, hands, etc) 

Opening more house-based ministries and online ministries 

Call to return to prayer and re-positioning of the intercessors 

Call to return to what the tithing system was intended to be 

A global currency change, the rise of currencies of faith, perseverance, generousity, and light Release of finances stored up in ungodly places 

Joy in the New 

Invitation to partner with God in building the new 

Like a mouse on an elephant's back, we deeply enjoy the partnership 

Innovative ideas and strategies 

Joyful energy to work hard and build fast 


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