Healthy and Connectivity in the Body of Christ

Notes from prophetic intercession on 7 May 2020

Bethesda House 27 October 2020
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Connection and health in the Body of Christ. Partnering with God to recreate the Body. The flow of the life and work of the Spirit needs to flow through all and to all. 

Breath of God 

Receive the breath of God, and the Holy Spirit, and the oxygenation that comes from the Spirit flowing  in and through you. 

Ezekiel 37:1-10. Just like the dry bones raised up into an army but still did not have the breath of God,  we as the Church are standing but we lack His breath, power, or anointing. We call the prophets to  speak to the winds to come and breathe into our bodies so we can move in our functions and giftings  and rise up as an army. 

Healthy Flow of the Blood (Life in Christ) 

Dissolve every blockage that has kept the Holy Spirit from flowing freely. Mindsets, theologies,  denominational barriers. Explode every wall so God’s healing can go throughout the Body 

Holy Spirit is cleaning every filthy residue that is in our veins, purifying the blood flow. 

Tear down internal walls that have disrupted the flow of blood, walls that keep the hurt out but steals  intimacy with God. Declare full intimacy with God. 

Like the woman with the issue of blood, one touch from the Father to heal where life is constantly  draining out of the Body. Healing of areas where the Body is not functioning, where there are infections  and issues. 

Declare no blood flowing in various or incorrect directions, unity in the Body for life to flow in the  direction set by God. 

Where blood flow has cut off and limbs have become numb, they have limited revelation of who God is  but are out of touch with what He is actively doing. Release of new life, fresh wind, fresh spirit and life,  catch Your heart again. Wake up from their sleep, from their numbness. 

Strong Hearts 

       • Supernatural healing from festering issues and lack in the body where we have not guarded our hearts 

Part of the Body has been seizing because of the lack of function of the heart. Declare the heart of the  Body to stand up and start pumping strong enough to send life throughout the Body. 

Strengthened Immune Systems 

No longer barely overcoming, we are being beyond strengthened against things that used to attack us  and bring us down. Building up an immunity strength with our victories. 

We are no longer invaded and overwhelmed by little things. No longer a rundown and exhausted bride.  We are ready, ft and training for war, races and battles. We lack nothing. We are able to fulfill Your  purpose. We are stepping into hope. Depression into hope. Defeat into victory. Health back into the body. Inactive to active.  

Release of Healing 

Just like white blood cells, God is releasing something in His Church to dissolve, atack, and destroy every false invader. 

Releasing prophetic antibiotics to overcome that which we have not been able to progress past. 

Prophesy new measures of health and identity that will be made apparent as the Church gathers  together again. Entirely new ways of thinking, communicating, building relationships to emerge as the  Church emerges from their homes. 

Supernatural Growth 

We have lost much over the years and become comfortable with artificial replacements, but no more.  Call the Church to deeply desire the realness that God provides supernaturally. 

God requires new infrastructure in the Body to accommodate for His acceleration. New arteries forming  to take the strain from overworked arteries. Supernatural connections outside the boundaries of  previous structures.  

Composition of the Body (1 Corinthians 12:12-31) 

Breaking apart of any joining together in the Body that is not from God and has caused disorder in the  Body, like wrongly positioned organs or like one massive lung but no toes.  

A well functioning body starts with the Head in place, which is Jesus. 

Reconnection between major communication systems. Bringing together polar extremes to work  together. Bringing together the fivefold ministry again. 

A Kingdom era where every function knows its voice, its timing, and its part to play to see the execution  of the will of God. No longer about who has the microphone. Nothing is lacking. 

       • Honor is coming. Double honor for those who have never been seen or encouraged within the Body 

Restoration of a family atmosphere with God's people, brotherly recognition, everyone looking out for  one another. There is safety, and praise and recognition come from just being a part of the family. 

A time for hidden organs in the Body to be shown, especially the true heart of the Body. 

       • Greater release of interpretation of tongues and variety of types of healings (psychological, mental,  trauma, etc).

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