New Season of Perseverance

Received on 19 May 2020

Ashley Ottow 27 October 2020
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I sense that we have shifted into a new phase of refinement and alignment as His people. Some of us started out strong, taking on the temporary new lifestyle of being on our own to seek God, but now we are struggling with impatience.

This next phase is about perseverance. The Lord is wanting to burn away from us our fast-food culture that misses the real depths of life. The culture of weakened faith that walks away once we have received a small taste but misses the full feast of the Lord. That desires transformation from one powerful ministry moment but is not interested in walking the long journey of freedom and maturity.

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:4

Do you feel the impatience inside of you to get out of the fire? To go back to what you depended on before this shaking? We lasted through the 40 days in the wilderness with Jesus, but can we withstand the 40 years in the wilderness as His people to be shaped into the ones to take the promised land?

We must keep our eyes on Jesus. We must continue to allow Him to shape us and burn away what holds us back. We must desire the deep work of the Lord and not jump out of the flames before His is finished.

If you feel finished with the restrictions on your life and want to go back to the securities you had, ask the Lord if He is finished. And if He is not finished, persevere until He makes us not lacking anything.


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