Salvation for the Masses

Received on 11 June 2020

Jillian Lewis 27 October 2020
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As I was praying this morning I had a strong sense to pray for salvation for the masses. The Father was saying: 

I am coming. Not to entertain but to overthrow structures, ideas, facades. It will look like destruction, like loss, but the things built on my foundation will stand and be built up again. Many are turning away. Not falling away as you don't plan to fall but turning by their own choices. They think they are straightening their crown, but in so doing they are losing their cross, establishing their own shakeable kingdom. 

But take heart and watch. There is a wave coming where the hearts of the children will turn to their Father. Like a compass always points north all things will point to me. I am the way, the truth, and the life. 

Fear not My flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. 

There is a ripe harvest. Ask for their souls. Salvation is close at hand. Redemption is happening. I will establish my Kingdom on earth. I am the Good Shepherd. I am the Kind King. Righteousness and justice are still the foundation of MY throne. They need to see it. They need to see me.

Call them in. Where are my intercessors? Who will fill the gap? Who will build the bridge? I have much to pour out.


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