Positioning for the New Season Part 1

Notes from prophetic intercession on 19 March 2020

Bethesda House 26 October 2020
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It is time for the Church to position for what God is about to pour out over the earth. 

Rise Up!! 

Rise up into the ways of the Living God 

Shake off the armour of fear 

Wake up to remember who God is and what the world needs 

God's people to be re-awakened, re-sensitized to His Spirit 

Things are not going back to the way it has been 

Five-fold ministry to know their place and what the Spirit is saying 

Trust in the provision of God and walk in His generosity (Exodus 16-17, 1 Kings 17:14-16) Remember the perspective of God, not the shortsightedness of man 

God is abundance, not lack, trust Him (2 Kings 4:1-7) 

Be Filled!! 

Church, are you satisfied with just the bread crumbs? The feast is ready, it is time to be  satisfied with more of God. Don't say you aren't ready, you are ready. Don't sit in self-pity,  stand up and receive what God has for you. 

Purity to drink straight from the Spirit, not a mix of Spirit and man anymore, open up rivers in  the desert, pure waters to drink from, no longer regurgitated from pastors and leaders but  received straight from God (Isaiah 41:10-20) 

A sound of tap, tap, tap, tap. A vision of believers running to God with little toddlers steps, with joy in their hearts and nothing distracting them, no looking back, no regret or shame from the  past, just running forward 

Just like the city stopped relying fully on municipal water and dug their own well points, God's  people should dig their own well points into the Lord while also receiving the blessing of the  corporate, it will transform the church! People will come no longer thirsty, but overflowing and pouring out and the church will explode in the Spirit. 

Isolation times will be intense meeting times with God, no ability to receive from anyone but  God Himself 

No longer seeking God for what He can do but seeking His face and His glory (Isaiah 26:8,  Psalm 27, Proverbs 22:11) 

Get Into Position!! 

Rise up intercessors and worshippers! Give a great push in the spirit to release a new  movement of God in South Africa

Voices to rise that can clearly communicate with messages and strategies from God and gain  access to the President and other influential leaders 

You will be brought forth in front of governors and leaders for My sake as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles. Matthew 10:18 

An opening for Christians to have a voice like never before, to come into their place of  influence and display the glory of God in the nations 

∙ A setting apart that will come out of places of prayer and worship, setting up for specific  assignments like Barnabas and Paul, a teaming of people together, go and speak, teach and learn


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