He Sets the Solitary and Lonely in Families

Received on 11 August 2020

Melanie Weich 27 October 2020
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I sense the Lord is gently and tenderly preparing the hearts of many for repositioning.  For some, this will include a geographical shift. Others will experience a dismantling of a treasured context of fellowship that fulfilled its purpose in its season and is now past its time.  I could feel the sense of loss and pain in that, but we are not to fight it.  It is a work of the Lord’s hand to align us for greater impact towards the Great Commission.  In this time there will be both a scattering and a gathering.

He sets the solitary and lonely in families (Psalm 68:6). 

I saw the Father hand-picking many people and setting them in unlikely combinations into homes. There were various generations and backgrounds represented, and holy, healing love was flowing in this family atmosphere. The emphasis was on God placing and forging these families out of those who would not have naturally mixed.  

I saw that these will be an answer to prayer to many, especially the isolated.  I saw those who have been wanderers coming back into community. Those seasoned in the things of the Lord were coaching and imparting as spiritual parents.  There was joy and celebration as each person was active and contributing.

This blend of multi-cultural, multi-generational relationships will be a vehicle of the Spirit for impartation, equipping and healing.  These new ‘‘clusters’’ (groupings) will carry blessing and the new wine (Isaiah 65:8).

There is a call of the Spirit to surrender who we’ve gathered with and how we have gathered before Him.  To lay down our preferences and ‘rights’ to who we spend time with.  Make room in your heart and in your schedule. Then recognise and respond to those moments of holy collision with people that are in need of family and inclusion.


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