Make Way for the King

Received on 7 October 2020

Jillian Lewis 27 October 2020
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I felt the Lord saying to the nation of South Africa, “South Africa, it is time to make way for the King. Make way for the King. Make way for the King.”

The Lord says, My voice is going out in many ways over this nation for everyone to hear. Do not harden your hearts as you hear My voice. Do not harden your hearts! (Psalm 95:6-7) Listen to my voice. Make way for Me. You were never meant to be a rebellious nation but meant to have hearts soft like melted wax. Let you hearts melt before me. Listen to the sound of My call and turn to Me. I have so much to do for you and within you. You will look different after I have come. Make way for the King.

You, South Africa, were meant to be the first to stand in line to have My presence come in your nation as you make way for Me. I have set you as an example for the rest of the world. Other nations will see how you have allowed My Kingship, and they will desire the same for themselves. You are at the front and meant to be a forerunner. You were never meant to be behind but meant to be ahead as an example of a nation who truly follows God. A leader in the world. Make way for your King.


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