Satisfied with His Pure Water

Received March 2020

Bethesda House staff and volunteers 04 December 2020
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Beloved, it is time to position yourselves to receive from the Lord. Stand up and receive what God has for you (John 5:1-9)!

God is filling His people with pure water. There is a release of springs of living water in hearts that have felt dry, empty, almost greedy for spiritual nourishment (Isaiah 41:17-20). No more mixtures of the Spirit and man. No longer living unhealthily dependant on regurgitated truth from spiritual leaders, for God wants to give to us all directly. 

This is the season to dig our own pure wells in the Lord. We have received much from the corporate, but it is time to stop relying only on corporate gatherings, YouTube worship, podcast sermons and so on. It is time to receive directly from God, first and foremost. As we fill ourselves with His pure water from wells in our personal homes, we will gather together again corporately and no longer be thirsty, but overflowing and pouring out. The church will explode with God’s presence! (John 7:37-38).

Allow Him to re-awaken and re-sensitise you to His Spirit. Things are not going back to the way it has been. You must be filled! Rise up into new ways of relating to the Living God.

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