Refining the Church for the Kingdom Era

Received April 2020

Bethesda House 07 December 2020
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Brothers and sisters, we speak God’s peace, stillness, rootedness and cleansing over you. God is cleansing His name and reputation across the world. He is desiring to release a new reputation for His people (Ezekiel 36:23-27).

Jesus is walking with fire in His eyes and on His feet (Revelation 1:12-20). Everywhere He steps, He sets His fire. As we look to Him, He is consuming our lives, burning away what needs to go and setting alight our passion. We will look to Him and be radiant with His glory, like Moses. He is re-introducing His glory and re-presenting who He is.

God is drawing our attention away from stages and structures. He is stripping away where man has received His glory. Leaders are falling off of pedestals where they have been elevated by others. There is a sense of shock at first, but then relief, as the pressure to perform falls away. It will be all of the Church doing all of the work. We will not get tired, because we will be building together. It is not about working hard, but about working rightly for the expansion of the Kingdom (Ephesians 4:16).

Out of His fire, He is releasing new beauty and new life. There is dancing and celebration and a fullness of joy. The Holy Spirit is birthing a new depth and explosion of kindness in His people. A new way of being salt and light that is very flavourful to the world. There is a release of new anointings, innovation, creativity, diversity, unique fragrances in the spiritual realm, and first-hand revelation.

God is shifting things, but He is not abandoning us. We are at the beginning of His reformation. He is strengthening us and focusing us. This is the most fruitful path that He has for us. Rest in Him, trust Him, and abandon to Him, because He is with us always.

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