Migrating of God's People and Assets

Received April 2020

Bethesda House 10 December 2020
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As we are entering a new era as a Church, a Kingdom era, God is shifting His people and assets into new places.

There is a movement of people and resources across the globe. God is shifting financial provision from some locations where there has been much activity and crowds and releasing resources and provision to other ministries and churches He has qualified. Some of this will go to new Kingdom expressions, and some will go to those that were overlooked by people in the past, for God has not overlooked the faithful and right-standing (Hebrews 6:10).

In the same way that a long-standing plant is uprooted and moved by the will of a gardener, God, in His wisdom, is the Gardener of His church, determining what is uprooted and what is re-planted. As His people, we need to recognise it is God’s hand moving us (John 15:1-2, Isaiah 41:19-20).

God has already positioned key ministries, churches, and people to receive this movement of people and resources. He is calling them to open their hands wide for what He is bringing to them (Isaiah 60).

The new era will usher in greater economic authority, supernatural works and unexpected options. It will call the intercessors back into prayer and call the worshippers back to the front to set a standard of holiness.

Are you recognising God’s migration around you? Respond to Him according to His personal message to you.

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