Establishing Family Altars

Received 14 May 2020

Bethesda House 21 December 2020
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God is establishing holy altars in many family homes across the world.

As we invite His fire to burn in our families and cleanse us from unbiblical family dynamics, God is breaking off generational patterns, habits, and mindsets. Supernatural reconciliation will happen. God’s passion, life and flame will spread to other family members who have fallen away.

Light will shine from our homes for many others to see, as the fire cleanses and reignites us inside. Testimonies will rise and families will emerge stronger. There will be a oneness of heart as we seek God.

His truth will be passed on from generation to generation. Families will gather around the Word and deposit stories of God’s faithfulness into their children, imparting faith and understanding (Psalm 45:4, Ephesians 4:6).

Families, prepare your altars and invite the Lord in with His redeeming fire!

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