Invitation of Relationship & Intimacy

Received on 28 March 2020

Claire Emms 26 October 2020
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I saw a giant shallow clay bowl suspended over a city. The clay bowl was very clean, smooth and dry, yet it had not been glazed or fired. I sensed the clay bowl, dried and in its raw form, represents the Kingdom of God. Clay comes from the earth, is made by God and is brought forth by human hands. To me, this speaks of an invitation for relationship with our Heavenly Father and collaboration in bringing God's Kingdom to Earth. The state of the clay; dry, but not yet glazed and fired, shows that this is a season of preparation. The city represents the busyness of our lives and the way we are so easily distracted from our mandate and polluted by the man-made world.

Upon seeing this, I felt led to pray for a new wave of repentance within the body of Christ, calling His people to a place of cleanliness before His throne of grace. Purity is needed so that the truth and glory of who He may be revealed, to gather those who don't yet know the Lord to salvation.

As I prayed into this area, I saw members of the body of Christ, held suspended above the city inside this clay bowl. I sensed the Lord encouraging us that He is gathering believers closer to His heart, and that “the things of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory & grace”. The Lord is inviting us all to answer the call to deeper intimacy with Jesus through active-waiting; searching Scripture wholeheartedly for deeper revelation of who Jesus is, and who He desires to be through us in the world.

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