Not Defeated!

Received on 22nd July 2021

Isabella Bühn 16 August 2021
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Things are currently shaking in the nations and there is increased spiritual battle in the spiritual realm. Many Christians are shaking, but God says, “Be of good courage! I am still the Great I Am! Do not let your hearts be troubled. When Nero burned down Rome, he thought he had the victory against My bride. But My WORD stands.  Even so, the gates of hell won’t overcome My remnant!”

The Spirit is calling us to lift up the name of Jesus and focus on His victory, even when we don’t feel it or see it. Lift up your eyes! 

In the natural, things look messy. The crucifixion seemed like the darkest moment in history, but brought forth the greatest victory of all eternity.  It may look like we’re in a downward spiral as the people of God. But we are not! WATCH and LOOK UP! Focus on what God is doing and see from heaven’s perspective, for He is releasing a deeper understanding of the bigger picture and the end of the story. Remember, the final book is called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ!” 

In this season, King Jesus, our Victor, is setting us free from fears and distractions. He’s rising up a remnant that’s only impressed with His perspective, with eyes fixed on heaven. In the midst of shaking, they aren’t afraid because their true anchor is in heaven. I see her, His Bride, take her stand and shine!

Beloved, receive a fresh awareness of the victory of Jesus in your spirit.  The battle belongs to the Lord.  

May fear fall off of you now as you shift your focus and align your vision to His.

I bless you with peace, inspiration and knowing your place in the battle. I bless you to shine brightly in this hour.

John 14:1, Hebrews 12:22-29, Matthew 16:18, Isaiah 60:1-5

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