February 2022⁠

Received by Marlise 14 June 2022
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It was during a time of praying for the Bride of Christ this week, that this picture came to me…⁠

A picture that I wish I could replicate exactly as I saw it, because words will never be able to do it justice. ⁠

I must try; for the sake of getting this heartfelt invitation out to His beloved!⁠

I saw Jesus.⁠

Arms wide open and hands turned out.⁠

He looked so sad…⁠

Then He said: “Why won’t they come?!”⁠⁠

Come with your sin.⁠

Come with your pain.⁠

Come with your fears.⁠

Come with your anger.⁠

Come with your loneliness.⁠

Come with your insecurities.⁠

Come with your doubt and unbelief.⁠

⁠Anything else you choose to turn to will bring, at best, only temporary relief.⁠

⁠Do not believe the lies that keep you from coming.⁠

⁠He wants to meet with you.⁠

⁠This is an open invitation.⁠

It is for YOU!⁠

Just as you are.⁠


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