God is Our True Provider

Received on 6 April 2020

Ashley Ottow 27 October 2020
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As this virus is shaking the earth right now (Hebrews 12:27) and our economies are shaking, I call us as the people of God to stand upright, out of hiding places of fear, and to place our trust in what is unshakeable, especially with finance and provision.

Who is more reliable, the payroll department or the Lord? The faithful customer or the Lord? The missionary donor or the Lord?

God works through them all, but it is He that is our main Provider.

Just like Abraham met God at the mountain he called ‘The Lord Will Provide‘ (Genesis 22:14), there is a call of the Spirit for each believer to rise up and meet with our God (Yahweh Yireh) at the mountain of the Lord called ‘The Lord Will Provide.’ Seek God for the provision He is faithful to give.

Change your footing off of shifting sand and onto God the Rock.

Allow God to ignite your faith in His provision.

Meet face to face with Yahweh Yireh in ways we have not sought before.

Put your hope and faith in Him first.

Walk in the obedience He is speaking to us about in finance.

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