Move Forward

August 2022

Lindie 21 August 2022
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I saw a picture of Jesus on a chariot. He was completely in control of the chariot and as Jesus was steering, He was shouting at His people "NOW IS THE TIME TO COME ON BOARD, WE ARE MOVING FORWARD!!!⁠

Exodus 14:15 The Lord said to Moses,“Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.”⁠

I felt like so many people become discouraged and focused on the things that's been happening all around them. People have been growing tired in ways that made them feel stuck, as if they are losing vision.⁠

So many people in this time started setting their eyes backwards, talking and longing for how things used to be.⁠

But I feel like God is saying: "I AM the same God, the ever present Father, and I am able to work all things for your good".⁠

There's an atmosphere of breakthrough over us. Jesus is coming to the rescue of His people, and He is calling on His people to arise. This is the time to come on board as Jesus is busy moving things forward.⁠

I feel like God is pouring out momentum in the spirit. He wants people to come on board so that people can be renewed in mind and refreshed in heart. This is the time to regain focus, to set your eyes on Jesus as He is moving His people forward.⁠
Jesus is calling His people to step out in faith.⁠

Now is the time to move forward in Jesus.⁠

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