Positioning for the New Season Part 2

Notes from prophetic intercession on 9 April 2020

Bethesda House 27 October 2020
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Positioning of the Church 

Out of our hiding places into the front again. Calling us from our quiet places, our homes, not from  stages and platforms 

Great and effective release of wisdom and strategy to bring God's solutions into the world. No more  copying worldly strategies that placate but don't transform. Capability to remain in God's presence to  receive entire instructions from God, like Moses received all the details on the mountain of the Lord. 

Migration of God's assets, shifting and moving resources and people, like separating the sheep and the  goats 

A long standing plant is uprooted and moved. It is the wisdom of the Gardener what is uprooted and  re-planted. Shift and move! Recognise it is God who is moving us. 

A shifting of guard. Great generals in the church body are being called to a season of rest, stepping  aside to allow the new leaders to rise up. Bringing them back to the place of being known and loved  by God. A season to attend to different things. As each general steps back, five more step into his  place. Another steps back and ten more step into his place. A multiplication of roles and mantles has  already been happening and others will wonder, where did these people come from? But God has  already been preparing for this moment. 

Refining of the Church 

Anointing oil to heal the rustiness of the Church, increased zeal and urgency for transformation 

Jesus walking with fire in His eyes and feet of fire. Everywhere He walk, He sets on fire. As we look to  Him, He is consuming us. Burning away what needs to go and setting afire our passion. We will look to  Him and be radiant with His glory like Moses. He is re-introducing His glory and re-presenting who He  is 

Sifting out the holy cows of traditionalism, God is rising up those that do not pass the exam of the  church. Sifting of the hearts of God's people and everything that ensures cannot pass through. 

Calling Your bride to preparation for His glory, holy and blameless, in alignment. A time of receiving oils for healing, joy, consecration, commission, and anointing. A time of fragrance of His glory, a pure  aroma, a multifaceted scent like a harmonious chorus. It is the growing duet of the song of the Lamb  and the Bride. (Revelation 19:17) 

The Release of a New Season 

The air between us and God is thin. He desires us to step out of this lock down fully washed, fully  changed, and fully ready for what is coming. 

God is unleashing us for His supernatural works and presence where we have felt held back.

Many, many horses in the spiritual realm getting ready. God is preparing in the spiritual realm what He  is about to pour out into the natural realm. Come to God to ask for strategy and He will tell you what  He is about to do and how to defeat the enemy that is facing you right now. 

A great army with torches lit. The enemy can see the glow is coming. All are following the first General  which is Jesus, carrying the fire of the Holy Spirit which He has given to the army. 

Like bursting out of clothes that are too tight, leaders are bursting out of their man-made restrictions.  Christian and non-believers alike. 

The end result is believers who stand out so much from the world yet are so integrated into the  marketplace and less isolated in what is “Christian”. God has already called so many into the different  spheres of society and He is calling them to fully take their place. 

Others will just be near a believer and will sense God and demons will flee without believers speaking a word, because they carry a greater measure of God's presence than we have ever known before. 

The build-up of personal oil and perfume that we are gathering in our homes will pour out all together  on the earth and it will be like a sonic blast of God's presence. Mass healings. Supernatural works.  Freedom and joy released in exponential levels. 

The Lord is ready to pour out new wine, but we need new wineskins. It is not just a fresh version of  what we have know, but totally new design of wineskin, so we can steward the Lord's presence like  never before. God is handing these out right now to those with their hands open. 


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