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Leading by the Spirit Course

A ministry course founded and run by our seasoned Bethesda House staff and alumni. This intense 4-week course equips kingdom-minded leaders to recognize and spiritually facilitate what Holy Spirit desires to do in any ministry context, while fostering a lifestyle of intimacy with God.

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Examples of topics

  • Leading by the Spirit and corporate facilitation
  • Unlocking the gifts and anointings in others
  • Discerning the Holy Spirit and counterfeits
  • Surrendering to the shaping and testing of God
  • Identity and Destiny

Great emphasis is placed on personal transformation of participants, through impartation, learning by doing, demonstration, in the moment coaching and ministry times.

Who's it for?

LBSC is for leaders from various nations and generations who are hungry for Jesus, have served in a ministry/leadership context for 3+ years and desire to see transformation in their sphere, church or missions.

The LBSC works like an estuary. In the natural, an estuary occurs when a river meets an ocean; it’s a contact point for healing (Ez. 47:8-10) and a transition zone, with the mix of tides and sediments producing high levels of nutrients.

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Who's it for?

Because of the constant changes in the depth and flow of the river, it is very dynamic and most fish rely on estuaries to mature in their life-cycles of birth, growth and migration. In the same way, LBSC creates a context of the constant flow of the Spirit amongst us, resulting in refreshment, flourishing of gifts, restoration and acceleration in which visions are birthed, leaders mature and transition to the next stage. The content and ministry offered will benefit leaders at every stage of maturity.


09 October 2022 - 06 November 2022


Van Der Westhuizen Resort, Strandfontein, Cape Town, South Africa.


Please note, this is a FULL TIME course running 6 days a week. Attendance to all sessions is required. Schedule TBD but expect classes each weekday morning, several afternoons and several evenings with application on either Saturday or Sunday. We recognize the challenge for those with families and jobs. We believe God will do miracles to provide leave from work and raise up an infrastructure of practical support for those He’s calling.

Accommodation and meals will be provided onsite for all students throughout the course. We strongly encourage local attendees to stay at the facility Monday- Thursday for a richer experience through a live and learn environment and to avoid the costs and challenges of midweek public transport. Those with their own vehicles/carpool will be permitted to daily commute as needed.


To hire a venue and feed 50+ people for a month adds up quickly to a large sum. This amount is often unreachable by many who the Lord wants to equip. So the course cost is “pay what you can” with the total cost carried as a school by faith.

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