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Prophetic Sessions

Book a face-to-face or long distance prophetic session with the Bethesda Team.

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What are sessions and how do they work?

Beth-esda (Aramaic): place of outpouring and mercy

Prophetic Sessions

A free 30-45 minute free face-to-face session with 3 trained Bethesda staff members to hear God's heart for you to encourage and strengthen you in your spiritual walk and everyday life.

Long Distance Prophetic Sessions

A 20 minute audio recording from 2-3 Bethesda staff sent via email that shares God's heart for you to encourage and strengthen you in your spiritual walk and everyday life.

Private Ministry Sessions

Private ministry sessions are confidential, Spirit-led, personal ministry times into areas of emotional pain, mental anguish, spiritual oppression, and/or trauma. Click here for more

Life’s a Journey

Our journey on this earth can feel like a roadmap full of gaps. Those gaps can take the shape of unmarked crossroads, sharp unexpected turns, and hidden pits that we fall into again and again. We can sometimes feel life is dictating to us, that we are under the fate of our circumstances and people around us.

But God

Comes and overlays His blueprint of the map of our lives, filling in those gaps in the road. He fills in where we are missing understanding and don’t have sight. He brings understanding of our past roads, clearing up confusion. He stocks us full of encouragement and fuel for our journey, revealing His love and care in the midst of our lives. He gives us keys for how to walk more intently and avoid things that are in the present or ahead of us.

A prophetic session helps us see everything with new eyes, because nothing is hidden from Him and a prophetic session can do just that. Our desire is to imprint your surroundings with the sight and love of God.

Prophetic Session

A prophetic session is a free ministry, either in-person or by audio recording for those outside of Cape Town, with trained Bethesda staff members to hear God’s heart for you and be encouraged and strengthened in your spiritual life as well as your everyday life.

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Anyone can book a prophetic session, regardless of faith, location or background. Simply click the “Book a Session” button below and fill out the form.

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Prophetic Sessions

Regardless of faith, location or background, prophetic sessions are open to all.

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Prophetic Words

The voice of God manifests in many different ways. Can you hear it?

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