Many of your prophetic words aligned with other prophecies, although there was a lot of new stuff to hear. Sometimes your words felt like as it was spoken by good friends, who know me in the deeper layers. I want to encourage you that the way you guys spoke feels really safe. Keep up the good work
— Recent Prophetic Session recipient

Perhaps you are like many people who are worried that a prophecy will reveal your deepest secrets and sins and tell you to repent!  At Bethesda House, we believe prophecy is for encouragement, strengthening, and comfort (1 Cor 14:3) and that God wants to speak and communicate His love for you in a very personal way.  We ask God to affirm the way He made you, the dreams in your heart, and address the questions on your mind.  When you come for a prophetic session, we won't ask you anything about yourself except your name, so you can be assured that it is God speaking to you and not the Bethesda House staff.

Anyone can book a prophetic session, regardless of your faith or background.  Curious about what Jesus has to say to you or need confirmation and perspective regarding your life?  Make an appointment now by clicking "Book Now" below.  A Bethesda House staff member will respond to you with a possible appointment date and time.  When you arrive for your appointment, our staff will record the session for you so you can listen to it again.

We also offer long distance prophetic sessions to people all over the world. Please note that preference is always given to in-person appointments.

Thank you Bethesda team for your faith and obedience. This is the first time that I’m coming across your ministry, in fact I’ve never heard of blind prophecy before, even though I have been a Christian for a while. It is truly special that you would pray for a complete stranger - we may never meet in this life but you still took the time to pray for you and I truly appreciate it. In addition I love the admonition in your email, to test the words thank you for being such responsible stewards for the ministry that God has given to you. I think it is very useful even to those who have never been exposed to prophecy to be guided about how to respond to the prophecy and that’s not something I’ve seen before.
— Long Distance Prophetic Session Recipient